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Christina was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome in 1974. Genetic testing at that time revealed neither parent carried the gene. She was the first in her family.  The impact of having the Treacher Collins gene not only affected her facial bones but also her perspective of the world. In her home, she was the middle child of two brothers, the only difference was Christina's medical challenges. Taking her syndrome in stride, she recognized long ago that her medical challenges served to be just one fragment of her life. Having achieved a Masters Degree in Social Work, Christina is using her experiences to guide those involved in the justice system to recognize the power of their own resilience.  

For every check mark on her bucket list, she adds another goal to actualize. Her intention is to reach her golden years wise with experience and memories of a life well lived. Christina can be described as a "little bit of everything, all at once, all the time."

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"She threw away all of her masks and put on her soul."

- Author unknown

Treacher Collins Syndrome, Wonder, It's Chicken, Memoir

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